Elli Schlunke


I learnt to cast bronze by working with John Worth for a few years, before setting up a small foundry in my backyard. However the logistics eventually became too hard, so I now get them cast elsewhere.

Sisters By Choice was a collaboratiive piece, for which I went to China a few times. The bronze was forged over there, then they forged a second version which is in Nelson Park, at Alexandra Headlands. 

I used to use ciment fondu quite a lot, especially for large pieces. Now I prefer to make things I can lift by myself. Having said that, I love making huge pieces like the mammoth, which by its nature demanded to be big.

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Monumental bronze, swan's wing span is 6.3 metres. Commissioned, for Maroochy's sister city in China and also Alexandra Headlands. Collaboration piece, fabricated in Xiamen.