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Elli Schlunke


  I started at the deep end, really, working mainly in bronze, which I used to cast myself in my own little foundry. After a friend gave me 80 rolls of yellow and black stickytape a few years ago, I realised I could make sculptures out of just about anything.  Suddenly every bit of junk I saw seemed to be brimming with potential. It feels so right, too, re-using or re-purposing materials. Although I've moved towards more durable materials than sticky-tape now, I no longer feel the need to make absolutely permanent objects like bronzes which will most likely outlast the human race. My current favourite materials are plumbing pipes and fittings, and wire mesh sometimes fortified with cement. I am slowly coming back into making more sculptures after a hiatus lasting longer than I had hoped. I love making big things but at present I'm trying to produce smaller ones. I've had the privilege of making some huge pieces for the Woodford Folk Festival including some 3-dimensional signs made from all sorts of junk.

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