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Elli Schlunke


I've always painted.  In the last year or so I've been working on my Irreversible Tipping Point series, which is my response to the forest fires of 2019, as well as the devastation of the Amazon forests, which I see as a huge threat to our survival. I've also started on another obsession, with some bunya studies. A few years ago I was a bit obsessed with painting faces. I loved doing the Gum Zen series, playing with photos with patterns made by gum leaves. I've also painted a few murals, some quite large, but I prefer the excitement of starting on a fresh blank canvas, or indeed a new start over the top of an old painting, which always brings nice surprises when the underpainting shows through.

My studio often gets too crammed with sculptural works in progress for me to set up the easel, but when I do, I love the different experience and get really into a series while the ideas keep building up.

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