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Elli Schlunke



TJuki spent half of September 2016 out and about promoting the Horizon Festival which started Sept. 2nd, in venues scattered over the Sunshine Coast.  He's a woolly mammoth built at about 60% life size. He was finished late August 2015. I began the concept planning the previous October, the welding in February, and managed to do bugger-all else till August. The full name of woolly mammoths is Mammuthus Primigenius, but he's nick-named Tjuk-penh, as there's almost an entire chook pen scrunched up inside him. He won a special award for innovative use of materials, at "Sculpture on the Edge" (ArtsconnectInc.) at Spicers Tamarind Retreat, Maleny, where he also won the People's Choice Award. One young voter said "He makes me happy." I like that kid.

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